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About Fanofanime636: R.I.P Grandma 1941-2012 ρυт тнiՏ нєαят ση yσυя ραgє if yσυ lσvє Տσмєσηє ♥ ok im better i have two pokemon and they are eevee and pichu (eevee= christmaseevee pichu=easterpichu) harumi spirittrack My theme: Dark Cloud The Djinni Dran (Extended) called my mom back my mom is kemalove95 my dad is death190 I will never leave ur side my friend floatinfruitloops sisters are snowwolfdemon,puppetmarionett hornysexylesbian69 kittycandyyumyumz (funniest person ever alive she is my cute kitty sister) neice is melee RL~ Name: Justin Age:16 rp name:curse(if vampire rp) Sarvaint for a wraith rp or Azuki for any other kind Brute:a fighter champion known for his fist fighting he knows no fear be it a monster human or titan he will fight it. Reavent is a discarded night from king arthurs table he lost his sanity and became a creature that is a unstoppable force Bio: Name:Curse D.O.B:Unknown Height:6ft 2in Weight:190lb Hair:Silver (Black in full power mode) Outfit:White tanktop Black and Red overcoat black pants black shoes and sacred charm necklace that seals his powers. Backstory: Curse is a lone vampire never hunting with others he tends to protect humans. Not much is known about his full power mode except that he loses total control.He turns full power mode when the necklace is removed. Aliance: no one Weapons: A sword by the name of SoulSchorcher and two handguns named Death&Life. Hometown:Unknown Personality:quite,hopeful,lonely,depressed,caring Fullpower personality: Anger,bloodlust,rage,ruthless,arrogent,confused. Alternitly Curse has a human form known as Azuki Minamoto a caring sweet man. Srry it so long but that is what's known about Curse.